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Le Fer A Cheval

5 Place De L'Eglise , Paule, 22340, France

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Overall: 4.0    Food: 4.0    Drink: 4.0    Atmosphere: 3.0   
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A small cozy bar serving a wide range of international beers,wines and food

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Overall: Rating:2/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:2/5    Atmosphere: Rating:2/5   

Sex Not Specified Напиши коментар Можете да използвате тези HTML етикети и атрибути:
- Pritesh, KiMdEykncCpgdc

A Guest of Europe, Jul 3, 2013
Overall: Rating:4/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:4/5    Atmosphere: Rating:3/5   

Male Just enjoyed super chilli and chips, together with some rather excellent Christmas ale

dowen99, Dec 11, 2008
Overall: Rating:3/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:4/5    Atmosphere: Rating:3/5   

Sex Not Specified The best steaks in the area and good beers and company - david pye, france

Anonymous, Dec 11, 2008
Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:4/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Sex Not Specified Enjoyed some excelleny food, together with good wine and excellent company. - Carol Adams, England

Anonymous, Nov 26, 2008

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