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Killarney's Pub And Grill

32475 Highway 79 South , Temecula, 92592, California

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Overall: 4.0    Food: 4.0    Drink: 4.0    Atmosphere: 4.0   
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Killarney's is the first authentic Irish pub to open in Temecula, recreating that warm friendly Irish atmosphere by featuring traditional Irish music

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Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:5/5    Drink: Rating:4/5    Atmosphere: Rating:4/5   

Sex Not Specified This place rocks...It is a PUB, don't forget, so you need to be happy/sad and want to get a little more than tipsy for it's atmosphere to welcome you entirely. The waitresses are friendly and flirty, they guys are afraid you'll take one of them home instead of them (typical Irish), and the bartenders are fricken hilarious. So, my review! GO FRICKEN GET SOME CORNED BEEF, the best I've EVER had! - Ben, USA

Anonymous, May 9, 2007
Overall: Rating:1/5    Food: Rating:1/5    Drink: Rating:1/5    Atmosphere: Rating:1/5   

Sex Not Specified Worst food in USA. Warm Beer. Rude Service. A Strip Mall Loser! - bill, usa

Anonymous, May 4, 2007
Overall: Rating:4/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:4/5    Atmosphere: Rating:4/5   

Female This place is great. Service is up and down sometimes but overall food has always been good, atmosphere awesome and of course the beer, it offers much better, quality, beers then other places-you must try this place at least once.... - Ali, USA

ali, Mar 21, 2007
Overall: Rating:2/5    Food: Rating:3/5    Drink: Rating:3/5    Atmosphere: Rating:4/5   

Sex Not Specified Typical Temecula. A place like this with a decent ambiance is right smack in the middle of a strip mall next to a children's karate place. It draws the typical Temecula crowd...... either young punks who start trouble or women in their 40's desperately trying to look 30. - Bill McGurk, USA

Anonymous, Aug 5, 2006
Overall: Rating:4/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:5/5    Atmosphere: Rating:4/5   

Sex Not Specified Great hang out with great food and service - Chris Groll, USA

Anonymous, Nov 22, 2005
Overall: Rating:4/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:4/5    Atmosphere: Rating:4/5   

Sex Not Specified Have been wanting to try since they opened and wasn't dissappointed. Guiness, Smithwick's, Harp, Bass, Bodingtons and others on tap. (Sorry but Murphy's in can only) Good food (Bangors and Mash, Ceaser salad and delicious chocolate cake so far), good service, pleasant live music, great atmosphere though a little too American. I will definitely return. - John, USA

Anonymous, Oct 26, 2005

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