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Daluva a place in Hanoi for wine, tapas, events

33 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Use Google To Find Us , Hanoi, Vietnam

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Daluva: a place in Hanoi, Vietnam for wine, tapas & events & lodging

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Sex Not Specified Daluva's is a great haven from the hectic noise in Hanoi. We found this place while house hunting and glad we did !! It's a modern wine bar and restaurant that serves all day breakfast, lunch and dinner. The quality of the food is consistent and fantastic. The staff are great and the environment is very friendly with a very local expat feel to the place. They also sell great cocktails, beer and spirits. The happy hour is 5-8pm with 2 for 1 drinks and wine from Mon-Friday. They have a really cool and decked out kids playroom that has a nanny for free on the 3rd floor. They also just opened a boutique 1 bedroom serviced apartment on the fourth floor.

It's in the Tay Ho area (West Lake)about 15 mins by cab from Hoan Kiem and 3 mins from the Inter-Continental and Sheraton Hotels.

- David, Australia

Anonymous, Sep 15, 2009

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