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Celtic-Manang Pub

Sath Gumti Choke , Kathmandu, Nepal

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Overall: NR    Food: NR    Drink: NR    Atmosphere: NR   
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A chilled pub.The ideal place to watch the hussle of KTMs vibrant streets.

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Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:5/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Sex Not Specified Great little bar, has great atmosphere and homely feel despite being in the middle of Thamel. Nice to drink in an Irish bar abroad that is actually owned by an Irish person. - Aidan, China

Anonymous, Jul 12, 2011
Overall: Rating:4/5    Food: Rating:5/5    Drink: Rating:5/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Sex Not Specified Had a great night in the celtic- manang pub for St Paddys day this year. Packed full of a great bunch of Irish regulars and friend, expats, travelers and Nepalies all up for a good laugh. The music was by Desmond(from dublin)and frinds a really lively gang who made the night.( the pub recently by the way has had its name shortened to 'Celtic').The owner Mary from cork makes a mean Irish stew by the way! - Carol, ireland

Anonymous, Mar 29, 2011

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