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Caroline St , Cork, Ireland

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Overall: NR    Food: NR    Drink: NR    Atmosphere: NR   
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Cafe bar with a nightclub,Scotts successfully combines the demands of a nighttime hotspot with a thriving lunch and evening food custom. Live music Thurs & Fri. Smoking available

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Scotts Features In 1 Tours; Cork Jazz Festival 2006 Pub Trail,  
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Overall: Rating:NR/5    Food: Rating:NR/5    Drink: Rating:NR/5    Atmosphere: Rating:1/5   

Sex Not Specified HI ! i went to this club last saturday 9.10.2010 around 23.00 . My friend had a birthay party , i was invited there and in a front door one of your employers (small one guy with dark hair ) he gave me a problem , he said IM DRUNK !!!! That wasnt true , i wasnt drink anything that evening and i was ask him about manager , then he told me the manager is busy and does not have time . I told him I want to call a GARD then can check me . He said to me is does no matter im not allowed to come inside. I was humileted and im not a party girl , im not in the pub every week , that was awful. Im the owner Hair salon in the City and im gonne tell to every my friend to will never come to Scotts make a party. Sylvia. - Sylvia, Ireland

Anonymous, Oct 16, 2010
Overall: Rating:1/5    Food: Rating:1/5    Drink: Rating:2/5    Atmosphere: Rating:2/5   

Sex Not Specified full of posers and losers - TheDarkKnight, Ireland

Ireland Pub Guide, Dec 24, 2008
Overall: Rating:3/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:4/5    Atmosphere: Rating:4/5   

Sex Not Specified Scotts is an all rounder of a pub.
Good food, spacious, nice atmosphere. The waitress Jennifer
has a tiny pair of tits though! - Jessie, Ireland

Anonymous, Aug 13, 2006
Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:5/5    Drink: Rating:5/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Sex Not Specified Scotts is a great spot, went in there during the week and found out that the downstairs is closed for a few weeks for renovation. They are building an indoor outdoor smoking room and making the place more trendy. I was still able to grab a sandwich upstairs thou, it hasn't stopped their business. Am looking forward to how it will look. - Peter, Cork

A Guest of Europe, Apr 15, 2005
Overall: Rating:2/5    Food: Rating:3/5    Drink: Rating:3/5    Atmosphere: Rating:2/5   

Sex Not Specified Mediocre, like a lot of newer Cork pubs. Food during the day is fine, but not much to recommend it beyond that. I once paid 20 quid in on New Year's Eve and left after half an hour. - NB, Cork

Anonymous, Mar 18, 2005
Overall: Rating:4/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:3/5    Atmosphere: Rating:3/5   

Sex Not Specified Worth a visit. Scotts is a popular trendy spot but not pretentious. Good space and live bands a few nights a week. The food is good too.

Ireland Pub Guide, Jun 8, 2004

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