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Le Cheile

104 North Main Street , Cork, Ireland

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Overall: 2.0    Food: 1.0    Drink: 2.0    Atmosphere: 2.0   
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famous 4 our cocktails & foriegn beers and coffees food til 8.the comp bar!

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Overall: Rating:1/5    Food: Rating:1/5    Drink: Rating:1/5    Atmosphere: Rating:2/5   

Sex Not Specified I agree staff were usless. It got shut down by the health inspector cause it was mank - bella, cork

Anonymous, Aug 17, 2009
Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:NR/5    Drink: Rating:5/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Sex Not Specified brill... staff are so friendly nd chatty!! brill nites der nd its not to be missed. . i go there as often as i can!!! great nite out - Mich, Ireland

Anonymous, Dec 6, 2007
Overall: Rating:2/5    Food: Rating:1/5    Drink: Rating:2/5    Atmosphere: Rating:2/5   

Male Couldn't believe this place hadn't been shut down already, I've worked in bars for many years now but these people had no clue what they were doing and the assistant manager (apparantly)had such a bad attitude I mean some people just shouldn't be employed if they haven't got a friggin clue like that clueless tit.Toilets a discrass I empty reached as walked in to them and as for the food well the soup tasted like it was last months reject and the time it took to get to me I thought that they were waiting for the Vegetables to finish growing...............dont go there it ll up set your holiday far too much. Bunch of incompetent twats from the floor cleaner up the owner!! - Tim, England

Uncle Travelling Mat, Jul 3, 2007
Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:5/5    Drink: Rating:1/5    Atmosphere: Rating:2/5   

Sex Not Specified fulla snobby cunts lool - al, iceland

Anonymous, Nov 2, 2006
Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:5/5    Drink: Rating:5/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Sex Not Specified go there as often as i can! great selection of cocktails..and beers,,staropramen on draught! v modern relaxed atmosphere! good service 2! not to be missed. nice 4 pint or coffee b 4 or after cinema as wel x - jenny, sweden

Anonymous, Mar 31, 2006

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