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Secret Garden Lounge

7 Cote D'Eiche , Luxembourg, Luxembourg

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Overall: 5.0    Food: NR    Drink: 5.0    Atmosphere: 5.0   
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I had heard stories about Secret Garden that had me expecting to hate it. Stories of pretentious customers and rude staff who looked at you with scorn if you ordered a beer rather than a cocktail. It was with some therefore with some reluctance that I actually went there.

Secret Garden or, to give it its proper name ďThe Lounge by Secret GardenĒ, is a cocktail lounge which from the outside looks like a shop. The first thing you see when you enter is a counter at which to check your coat. Turn the corner and a long wooden bar runs the length of a narrow corridor. At the end of this is a small square room filled with low tables, comfortable leather chairs and sofas, and the odd bean bag. At the end of the room a staircase brings you up the balcony which overlooks the main room. Up here the chairs have been replaced with cushions, making it perfect for anyone who ever dreamed of being the Ottoman Sultan.

Secret Garden is lit almost exclusively by scented candles, making it both dark and a bit overpowering. Thankfully you get used to the scent as the first encounter is a bit strong. The walls are decorated with alternating paintings and mirrors and a fireplace takes up the centre of one wall. There is also a small courtyard in which you can sit in the summer.

The toilets are by the main door, and are clean and well stocked but lack hot water.

Secret Garden is a cocktail lounge not a bar, and it doesnít serve food. The cocktail menu is large and, despite being in Luxembourg, is not very expensive. The average price for a cocktail is about 9 Euro though you can of course go up or down. We had a total of 7 between us and the bill came to Ä66. Beer is not on the menu but you can order it, and despite the stories Iíd heard, you wonít be ridiculed. In fact the staff are pleasant. The manager in particular seems to be a happy guy and had a grin on his face the whole time we were there. I was sitting on a bean bag and, as I tried to rearrange myself so that I didnít slowly sink to the floor, he spotted me and came over to give me a hand.

The music selection is mainly what you would expect. Early on it seemed to be primarily lounge jazz and chill-out electonica such as Massive Attack. Surprisingly there was also some Pink Floyd thrown in as well. The volume is just above background level, making it easy to talk.

I was watching the other customers while I was there. They were not what I expected either. For one thing they were younger, the majority being in early to mid 20s though there were older groups. Groups all stayed to themselves, quietly chatting at their own tables. There wasnít a dress code, and while some were very stylish it was in a casual way. There were about equal number of males and females.

In general, the atmosphere was like being in a chill-out place after a nightclub, or at the end of a house party. But I donít think from the night I was there that it is a place to go for a loud party, or to try and meet anyone new.

Secret Garden is a nice relaxed place to visit, and one that despite my initial reservations, I would go back to. Itís not the place to be if you want to meet people or party, but if youíre with friends and want somewhere stylish to chill-out you might find yourself going back as well.

February 2006

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Male Definetly one of the best locations all over the world. Cosy, luxurious, slightly orientally touched, best Cocktails in town and specials that blow your mind! It is very hidden and more an insider recommendation. I walked by several times and didn't recognize it. Once you've entered a beautiful small courtyard with flowers and teak wooden garden chairs welcomes you. Inside you have an elegant yet cosy bar and further on a large room with a gallery that has an own bar in the 2nd floor from where you can watch what's going on an the dance floor.
Only being toped out by Jimmy's bar in Monte Carlo.

sassicaia, Jul 5, 2006

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