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O'Connor's Irish Pub And Restaurant

St. Aristarcus Street, , Bugibba, Malta

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Overall: 5.0    Food: 5.0    Drink: 3.0    Atmosphere: 5.0   
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Open between Tuesdays & Sundays. Daily Live Entertainment. Great Food with Good Value for Money.

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Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:5/5    Drink: Rating:5/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Sex Not Specified i was there the 2nd august till the 14th and had a loverly time. The new owner vince was realy nice who also promised to give anyone who goes to Malta and says that they read my review and gives my name Veronica to him a free drink the pub is nice and big they have live music all the beers you can name and more friendly atmosphere it`s right next door to the crown hotel so why not kill two birds with one stone?Stay in the hotel and have a nice drink next door - veronica, england london

Anonymous, Aug 20, 2007
Overall: Rating:5/5    Food: Rating:5/5    Drink: Rating:3/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Male Excellent Food, Great Atmosphere with Daily Live Entertainment

masiku, Oct 7, 2005

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