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Boulevard Bayfront

8 Marina Boulevard #01-02 , Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1, 018981, Singapore

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Overall: 4.0    Food: 4.0    Drink: 4.0    Atmosphere: 4.5   
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Delectable gormet and wine in a voguish setting at Bayfront.

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Overall: Rating:4/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:3/5    Atmosphere: Rating:4/5   

Female Dropped by the outlet for happy hour with my colleague last Friday. It was my first time there, and I would say I’m very satisfied with my experience at Boulevard.
Firstly I was greeted by polite and affable staffs, which took and served our orders very swiftly, and ready to make conversations with us. The bar nibbles were easy to snack on and doesn’t make a mess. Love the tapas my colleague ordered as well such as baked escargot and English sausages. Left me craving for more!
We also had a hard, but fun time selecting our drinks because there were quite some to choose from. We ordered cocktail and martini respectively. Both were not very strong, and the cocktail left a pleasant sweet after taste. We had an awesome night (that’s why you call it ‘happy hour’) just chilling out, enjoying the good food and drinks and view.

adelia, Apr 5, 2011
Overall: Rating:4/5    Food: Rating:4/5    Drink: Rating:5/5    Atmosphere: Rating:5/5   

Female Saw the positive reviews when searching for some new places to eat and decided to try it out. I can see why this bar has had so many positive reviews thus far.
The ambience is one main draw point of this place. The interior is beautifully put up and is quite trendy. The floorspace of the venue may be quite small, but I personally feel that it is quite adequate.
In regards to the service, they have friendly staff who are willing to stop and answer your questions politely and accede to your demands as long as they are reasonable. My server was extremely helpful and initiative.
Food-wise, great choices available. I had a hard time deciding what to order. Ended up getting a pizza which was baked in the oven to perfection. The wine options are abundant as well.
I would recommend people to try out this new place.

georgina, Apr 5, 2011

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