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The Buffalo Tavern Hua Hin Thailand

8 Naresdamri Rd Hua Hin Thailand , Hua Hin, Thailand

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Royal Hua Hinís only Gastro Pub.
The Buffalo Tavern is open every day from

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Sex Not Specified On my first visit to Hua-Hin from Hatyai (where I live) I came across this wonderful establishment, I had only planned to stay for a few nights but the rooms were so spectacularly luxurious that I could not bring myself to leave and finally stayed for 10 days. Bill, his wife, and children made me feel so welcome that it was like a home from home, with the added bonus of draught John Smiths beer and copious amounts of delicious home cooked food. This is probably the best place I have ever stayed at anywhere and is more than a match for any five star hotel. I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Ye Olde Buffalo Tavern. - Jimmy, England

Anonymous, Nov 17, 2008

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