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RatePubs is the premier network for pubs and bars around the world. With our own site (www.ratepubs.com) and a unique and growing network of relevant sites - showing your details - it's the place people come to research their holidays, or even their local town.

RatePubs now offer you the chance to enter a description of your premises and have it seen across the RatePubs network. This unique network includes many top global and local sites.

By entering your free details you can let visitors to those general and targeted sites see why they should visit you. And you can change the description at any time.

You will also be able to correct typing or similar errors in your name and address.

Currently all those who take the free membership get equal highlighted rotation on RatePubs.com (you may have seen these pubs as you browsed the sites). And many of the other sites in the network also give you highlighted listing.

Reach Customers Anytime
In addition to the wide range of sites, the RatePubs network is unique in including a range of off-line media such as our printed guides, PDAs and even the worlds only iPod guides. These unique versions ensure that your details are always to hand - even when your potential customers are travelling.

Google Maps
Our mapping service which is powered by Google allows potential visitors to see exactly where you are. This satellite/street map combination is essential if you are outside the main areas.

Virtual Word-of-Mouth Recommendations
Our unique social element allows people to join the site and keep in touch with friends. Among the many features we provide which keeps our visitors returning is our Personal Recommendations. This ensures that people get recommendations of bars to visit based on other bars they have said they liked. And those their friends like.
Word-of-mouth recommendations are the strongest and we provide them for you. You can use this function to your benefit by letting your customers know about your new listing and encouraging them to review other bars.

You control what the customer sees. And with our web interface you can change it anytime you please...as often as you want. No waiting on others to change it for you. Let your customers know what is happening in your premises tonight!

RatePubs also offer two upgrade options which give you up to 1800 words to describe your premises, 6 pictures to display it, the ability to show your telephone number and link to your own web site, priority on search results and maps and services such as guestbooks and newsletters.
Entering your description now places you under no obligation to upgrade but does give you the opportunity to learn more about them...and even to try Premium Listing free for two weeks!

There is no charge for our basic service...and never will be!  How?

IMPORTANT!! You may only enter details for this premises if you have a legitimate authorisation from the owner to do so.
If you do not have that authority, we will hand over all the information we have to the person who does. That information will include (but not be limited to) your IP address and email (See below for details on how we record and preserve these).


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Description: Enter up to 75 characters (approximately 15 words) to describe your premises. Free listings may not include scripting, html formatting, email or web addresses.

Keywords: These are used in our Advanced Search function. Enter words (separated by spaces) which match the theme or style of your premises and any features you may have e.g. Microbrewery Sports Food Irish etc. Further description of keywords here

email: Enter a valid email address. This serves a very important security function . Before the details are shown to the public we will verify this address by sending you an email with a verification code in it. You can change the email that is shown to the public at a later date but we will have a permanent copy of the email you upgraded with. If you are not authorised to enter details we can provide this address with your IP address to the relevant authorities!

Password: Select an 8 character password. This will allow you to login to change the description in future.

Contact Name: This is for administrative purposes only. It will not be shown to visitors.

IP address: We record your IP Address purely as a precaution against misuse of our service. If someone without authorisation enters details about a premises we can later provide the IP address to the legitimate owner who can use it to identify the person responsible.
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