Free Advertising FAQ

We know you have questions about how we're offering you advertising across such a large network for free.
There is no catch and it will always be free.
To help you understand why this is so we've answered some of the most common questions below;

Is this really free?
Yes. There is no charge for entering your details. And there never will be.

What's the catch?
There is no catch. This is a free service which allows you to describe your premises across a range of websites and other media such as mobile phones. There is no requirement on your part to purchase anything or provide any information such as credit card details.

How can you offer this for free?
We're not a charity and so yes, we do intend making money from the service.
In addition to the free offering we also offer Extra and Premium membership which allows a premises to gain extra benefits such as increased space to describe the premises, 6 pictures, ability to manage their own web site easily and more. These are available for incredibly low prices and we expect a significant percentage of premises to avail of them.
The details of these will be provided to all free members, but there is no requirement to sign-up for it. If you choose not to you will still get the benefits of free membership.

Will I need to keep renewing my membership?
We intend to offer relevant information to our visitors and don't want to list premises which have closed. As a result we will require that approximately every 9 months you login to your account and verify that the information is still accurate. If you don't do this we will send you an email reminder. If you ignore the email we will remove your own message and replace it with the default message you see now. If you fail to verify it a second time in a row we will remove you from the database.
This is the only action required on your part and is solely intended to maintain the integrity of the site.

Why do you want my email address?
This is a security precaution to prevent other parties from entering details about your premises. When you sign up we send you an email with a link you must click on to activate your account. Only at this point will we show the details you entered.
We will keep the email you subscribed with, along with your IP address. These can then be sent to the relevant parties should it transpire that an unauthorised person was responsible for entering the information.

Will I receive advertising or other Spam as a result of sending you my email address?
We have no interest in annoying our customers. You will only receive emails from us for three reasons;
-When you need to verify your details (approximately every 9 months)
-If you request that we send you your account details
-Notification of system or service changes.
We will not send you emails full of adverts. We wil not sell, rent or give your email address to another company.

Why do you want my IP Address?
We only record your IP address as a security precaution. This ensures that no-one without authorisation can enter details of your premises.
We record the IP address but we do not do anything with it unless it turns out that the details were entered fraudulently. In this case we can pass the details onto the premises owner to pursue as they wish.

What sites will I be listed on?
The web sites you will be seen on will depend on where you are located. We currently have greatest coverage for Irish bars (both those in Ireland and Irish Pubs around the world) with other European countries close behind.
However the network is still growing and your exposure will grow with it. itself is already one of the most visited sites in the world.

Will I get more exposure than just a listing?
Yes. All members currently get a spotlight on the right-hand side of their own country pages. Every time the page is loaded a relevant member is selected at random, ensuring that every qualifying premises gets equal coverage.
In addition many of the Network Members also show premises on their front pages.

What about being seen off-line?
Of course being listed on one of the busiest sites is a huge advantage to any business. But not everyone is attached to their computer at all times. Tourists and business visitors especially need some way of finding you off-line.
The RatePubs Network has many unique and innovative features that help you be seen at all the right places and times. On RatePubs itself visitors can download their search results in a number of formats ready to be loaded onto their PDA or printed out and taken with them.
And many of our affiliate sites have similar ways of ensuring you are found in all circumstances. For instance both California Bar Guide and Ireland Pub Guide have editions that allow people to search direct from their cell phones, while The Irish Pubs Directory has made its content available for PDA owners in a widely used database format.
In these ways we ensure The RatePubs Network has the widest reach and gives you far more than a single web site listing alone could ever do.
We are the only network which offers iPod versions. Three of our member sites (California Bar Guide, Ireland Pub Guide, and The Irish Pubs Directory) now offer versions which can be loaded onto an iPod and carried with you.

What else will I get apart from lots of advertising?
In addition to all the online and offline advertising you will receive we also provide a number of services to help you get the most for your business;
  • You can include a guestbook on your site with one line of code. This will allow visitors to see reviews from RatePubs and even to leave their own. You can include this by simply copying a line of code we provide...and can even filter it so only the good reviews are shown!
  • Premium Members also have our Newsletter Service. This not only places a sign-up form on their details pages but means that we handle all the housekeeping duties associated with mailing lists. We collect the subscribers email addresses, send the emails, and manage unsubscribers. All you have to do is write your email and click send.
    Your newsletter is also published in RSS format for those of your customers who prefer.
    The RatePubs Newsletter is the easy way to ensure you keep in touch with all those interested in your premises. And as with the guestbook you can even include a subscription form on your own web site by pasting one line of code!
  • Premium Members also have our EasyManage functionality which allows them to manage the information on their web sites from our simple web interface.
    We keep adding to our services to ensure that - in addition to a great advertising proposition - The RatePubs Network is also a cost-effective way to manage all your business communication needs.

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