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A pop-up bubble will be shown when you place the mouse over a marker. To keep the bubble open click on the marker itself.

Don't See Your Bar?
If your favourite bar is not plotted here, let the owner know that they can add it for free!
All they need to do is open a free account and they can enter both the co-ordinates and a description. To find the co-ordinates all they need to do is center the map on their bar.

About RatePubs Maps...
RatePubs have begun to combine our database with Google Maps. The result is a unique way to find the best bars around the world. This service is in a beta version so there are a few things you might want to know...

  • Click on any mapped premises to see a display of its reviews and ratings.

  • Click and drag the map to move it around and see what's off-screen.

  • You can switch between traditional and satellite maps, or a hybrid of the two. Please note that the resolution of the satellite maps varies depending on the area of the world, as does the availability of the traditional street map.

  • We try to map as many premises as possible but availability of results varies across the globe. Premises in The US are most likely to be mapped, followed by those in Europe and Australia. We hope coverage will increase over time as the premises themselves provide the relevant location information.

  • The accuracy of the premises plotting also varies. In most cases it is right on the center of the building but in some cases it may be off by a few meters. Googles maps themselves also vary slightly across the world (particularly on the satellite imagery) which may lead to some discrepancy. But you're big boys and girls and we're sure that you can find the bar if placed across the street from it!

  • It can take a very long time to plot individual premises. To overcome this (and to avoid clutter on the map) we only plot the premises within or near the viewing area, only do so below a certain magnification, and limit the number of premises displayed. The premises or towns to be displayed are calculated after any moving or rezooming of the display.

  • We hope to incorporate further changes such as mapping of tours and personal recommendations over time.