Now you too can have Pub and Bar Reviews on your own site!

With our XML you can add the functionality and content of in a completely customised manner. There are just a couple of functions to integrate and you have a fully integrated service that will keep visitors on your site, and keep them coming back!

Latest Version

We regularly update our XML API with new functions and features.
The latest version of both the API and the manual is 2.3. These were released on January 30, 2006

Integrating the XML

We have outlined the XML and integration in the attached manual. Download and read at your leisure.
The Manual

Terms of Use

Basically anyone is free to use the content and APIs, though the copyright remains ours and we do reserve the right to remove, restrict or edit the feed at any time.

You can use this only on a web site and all we require in return is that you credit us (including a link back to us) on a page within one click of your front page

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While you don't need to give us your email address we advise that you do so we can keep you informed of any relevant changes. We won't use this for any other purpose nor will we keep sending you irrelevant mails.

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