RatePubs RSS Feeds!

RatePubs.com are introducing a range of content you can subscribe to with RSS.

For those of you who are unsure about RSS or what it can do for you check out this primer from Yahoo!

You can subscribe to the various feeds throughout the site using the XML or MyYahoo! buttons. Alternatively you can subscribe directly from this central directory...

Feed List provides a complete list of feeds available as we add them. RSS Feed Logo

General RSS Feeds
Latest Reviews keeps you informed when a bar is reviewed. RSS Feed Logo

Latest Bars lets you know when a new bar is added to the database. RSS Feed Logo

Latest Tours lets you know when a member creates a new tour. RSS Feed Logo

The RatePubs Experience lets you know when we publish a new review based on our experiences in a bar. RSS Feed Logo

Feeds for Individual Bars
Individual Bar Reviews. You can keep up with the reviews of specific bars as they are added. Go to the bar and look for the sign just above the reviews

Individual Bar Content. If you want to be informed when your favourite bar changes its details you can subscribe to their individual feed from their page. This is only available for bars where we have detailed information.

Individual Bar Newsletters. Subscribe to your favourite bars newsletter through RSS instead of email. Know instantly when they have something to announce. The frequency of newsletters is decided by the individual premises. Look for the newsletter subscription section on each bars individual page.

Conversations. Keep up with all the new conversations in your favourite bar. Or with a specific conversation. The feed for new conversations in a bar can be found in its Conversation Corner while those for the individual conversations can be subscribed to from the conversation itself.

Feeds for Specific Countries
New Bars. Keep up with the addition of new bars for any country you are interested in. The url follows the format https://www.ratepubs.com/freecontent/rss/newbarsincountry.php?country=[country]

Feeds for Specific Towns
New Bars. Keep up with the addition of new bars for any specific town. The url follows the format https://www.ratepubs.com/freecontent/rss/newbarsintown.php?country=[country]&town=[town]

New Reviews. Know when a new review has been added for any bar in your town. The url follows the format https://www.ratepubs.com/freecontent/rss/newreviewsintown.php?country=[country]&town=[town]

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