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Tours are an exciting feature of RatePubs that allow you to find links between bars. In addition to standard browsing or searching you can also see how bars are linked to each seen by people like yourself. Links can be deep, shallow, of general interest, or obscure.
They may be limited to a local neighbourhood or stretch around the world. Whatever the link they are sure to interest and entertain.
And you can even create your own or add sugegstions to ones created by others.

How Do I Find A Tour?
As you wander through the site you will come upon bars that are part of a tour. This is highlighted on their page.

To learn more about the tour just click for additional information. You can then see the description of the tour and the other pubs within it, making tours a great way to find obscure links...or just waste an afternoon!

Any member can create a tour of their own according to criteria they decide. On the top of a members profile there is a tab simply called tours. Click to go through to the details. Not all members will have created tours.

Can I Search For Tours?
No. Tours are designed to be something you stumble upon...a surprise that leads you in unexpected ways. For this reason you can only find tours either through the premises page or the creators profile. Follow the links to discover new things.

What If I Have A Suggestion For A Bar That Should Be Added To An Existing Tour?
If the tour creator allows it you can make comments on and additions to a tour. You will know if you are allowed to do this on the tour page. There are three privacy options for tours; every memebr can make an addition, no-one can make an addition, or only the creators friends can make additions. These setting can be changed at any time but if you have already made an addition this will stay.

How Do I Create A Tour Of My Own?
When you are logged in you can create a new tour (or edit an existing one) from the member centre.

At the Tour Centre either select an exisiting tour to edit or enter the details of a new one.
Every Tour must have a name, description and list of bars. Instructions are included on the page.

In addition you can pick one of three privacy settings. These will allow you to prevent anyone from making comments and suggestions, allow only your friends to do so, or allow all members to edit them.

Can I Change Privacy Settings??
Yes, you can change privacy settings at any time and they take immediate effect. However if you restrict the privacy (for instance you decide you don't want anyone to make any suggestions) any existing suggestions will remain and can be edited by their creator.

What Makes A Good Tour?
That depends on you. Tours can be personal, historic, topical or any other criteria you decide. Similarly they can be limited to a general geographic area or cover the world. Some suggestions are "Bars Where Hemingway Drank", "Good Cocktails in Boston", "Bars On TV". The one thing we recommend is that you don't make it too vague. Don't create tours such as "The Greatest Bars", use your reviews to show that. Similarly don't create tours with "The Greatest Music" since people's opinions differ too much,instead create a tour such as "Bars with the best Alternative Music" or "Bars that play a U2".
Other than that use your imagination, it's the variety that makes tours interesting.

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