Tag bars with information YOU find relevant

Ever found a pub and wanted to let others know something unique about it? Or wanted to find a bar in a certain town that sold a particular drink?
Maybe you wanted to find one that showed matches from a particular team?
Well now our new tagging function makes that possible...

Tags are exploding across the internet because they allow you to structure information according to your views. And now they've come to RatePubs.

What Are Tags?
Quite simply tags are just labels that describe a particular attribute of something. In the context of RatePubs this can be anything about a pub. For instance a pub could be tagged with the name of a drink which it sells, or the name of a team whose supporters club it houses, or if it is a microbrewery. The possibilities are up up to you.
These tags can then be used in a search to find a pub or bar that matches those criteria. So you could end up using our advanced search to find a bar in Portugal that has an overall rating of 4, a food rating of 5 and that serves Beamish Stout.

How Do Tags Work?
Very simply. At the top of every pub description you will find a tag box. Simply enter all the tags you think are appropriate to that bar(separated by spaces) and click tag. The tags will be entered and you will be returned to the same page.

How Can I Use Tags To Find Something Special?
Simply go to the advanced search page. In your search criteria you can specify tags that have to be present for a bar to be returned. Remember tags are new so not may premises have them at present. This will increase over time thanks to people like you tagging pubs.

Some Suggested Tags
Some examples of tags could include

Accommodation Use this tag if the pub offers accommodation.
Beergarden We recommend the use of this as a single word to indicate any defined outside-area for drinking.
Food Used for a premises that serves food. You can use additional tags to better define the exact food served; lunch, gourmet, evening meal etc.
Gay Use this for any gay or lesbian pub. You can further refine the definition by use of such other tags as "lesbian"
Irish We recommend that the generic name for a nationality be used for any country-theme pub. This can include such as Irish, American, English, Belgian etc.
Microbrewery This can be used for any pub that brews its own beers on-site. Other suggested tags that you may use in addition to this are brewpub.
Beamish If the pub serves Beamish Stout (or replace with the name of a particular drink).

These are just some examples of tags but use your imagination. You might be surprised how many other people think of the same tag you did...no matter how out there it seems!

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