Conversations In Your Favourite Bar

Pubs and Bars are centers of conversation. The whole idea of a pub is social, and in them you have the chance to meet and chat with new people. Now RatePubs gives you the opportunity to do so online.

Every bar on RatePubs has been given it's own Conversation Corner. In it you can meet and chat with people about the bar itself. Or you can use it to chat with other people from the bar about the world at large.

Anyone can read the conversations but only members can add a new conversation or join in a new one. Membership is of course free, and gives you all the other benefits of Personal Bar Recommendations, tagging, and more. You can become a member here


We have deliberately decided to keep the interface simple. The focus should be on the conversation itself, not all the tools and formatting, and that's what we've tried to provide.

Conversations of course don't replace reviews, but they do give you an opportunity to chat with people without having to leave a review. You can use the RSS function to be informed of all new conversations in a abr or of additional comments in a specific conversation. These can be added to any RSS reader or directly to your Yahoo or Google pages.

So if you were a regular in a bar and had to move, or if you're still going to that bar and want to discuss a band you saw there last week, the local Conversation Corner is for you. Just find your favourite bar and follow the link.