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Personal Recommendations for Pubs and Bars Around The World

Want to know which places to visit when you're travelling?
Want to find somewhere else to go tonight?
Let RatePubs suggest the perfect places for you with our Personal Recommendations...

RatePubs has always made it easy for you to find a pub or bar to visit...but selecting which ones might best suit you could take some hit-and-miss selection. Now we've improved that with our Personal Recommendations.

What Are Personal Recommendations?
Logged in members get recommendations of bars they may wish to visit as they browse or search the site. These are generated specifically for each member based on their previous reviews, their MyLocal settings, and their friends.

How Does It Work?
As you browse through various cities or look at results from the advanced search we will highlight any rcommendations we have for you with a tick as shown here;

If the bar seems of interest you can open its page to read more about it, read reviews, and see regulars. At this point we will also give a little more information about how we worked out the recommendation for you. This is shown in the top right corner;

Recommendations are based on premises you have said you like, premises you have identified as your local, and premises your friends like. You have five possible category of recommendation which are shown using ticks in the top right corner of the page;

If there is no recommendation in any of the categories there will be an empty space in its place.

You can determine the exact meaning of each tick by placing your cursor over the relevant tick icon - so you don't need to memorise the picture above!!

Used in combination with the other information such as reviews etc. you have a powerful system for determining not only if the premises is generally to your liking, but if it is what you are looking for at any given time!

Are There Overlaps In Recommendations?
This can happen. Since there could be a person who likes one of your locals and is also a local in a bar you like it is quite possible that one person can give multiple recommendations. You can easily determine this by looking at the actual reviews and the locals in a premises. Recommendations are a way to determine if a premises is of greater than average interest. The detail will give you much more information

Are Recommendations Calculated In Real-Time?
No. Because of the effort required to calculate all recommendations we cannot recalculate them every time there is a change. Instead we update them once a day.

Why Might I Not See Any Personal Recommendations?
There are two possible reasons;
  • You are not logged-in. We can only give Recommendations if we have information on premises you like. If you are not logged in when reviewing premises, or browsing the site we will not be able to identify you.
  • You haven't reviewed enough premises. The more premises you review and/or identify as your local the more likely we are to have a match. However we only calculate the recommendations once a day so entering a review does not start providing recommendations immediately. Of course the more people who place reviews the more likely everyone is to receive personal recommendations. So let your friends know about us and encourage them to join up. It is free!!

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