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Tag your friends or strangers...and let them tag you!

You've seen tagging on bars and how useful (and entertaining) it can be! Now you have the opportunity to tag people..and let them tag you in return!

How you use tags is up to you...we're excited to discover what you'll do with them.

Are Tags Searchable?
Not yet, but when we release the profile search facility you will be able to search based on them. In the meantime you can see tags on individual members profiles if they let you.

Who Can Tag Me?
This depends on you. Your Friends have the privilege of being able to tag you and to see your tags, just as you have the privilege of doing with them. If you want you can allow any member to either tag you or see your tags or both. Both setting are controlled individually so you can for instance allow any member to tag you, but only allow your friends to see the tags.

What If Someone Tags Me In A Way I Don't Like?
You always have complete control over your tags and can edit them at any time from your Edit Profile screen.
Since you can limit tagging to just your friends (and have control over the friendships) you can also limit the tags to just those people you trust if you wish. You can change settings at any time depending on your experiences.

Can I Use Private Tags To Help Me Keep Track Of Friends?
Yes. You can provide a private nickname, private tags, and even a private note to all your contacts. These include friends, friends friends, crushes, and even those friendships you cancelled. This information is not available to anyone else and allows you to easily manage your contacts. All the information can be managed from the same central screen.

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