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MyNews - Keeping people up to date with your life!

You can now add a simple blog-like diary of news and events to your profile..and allow anyone to view it or keep it for just your friends.

What Is MyNews?
MyNews is your easy way to let people know what's hapening in your life. You can write a regular update and decide who can see it. Your latest entry appears on your profile, from where the chosen people can click through to the previous entries.
This is the simple and easy way to keep up to date with your friends as you let them know what's happening and you find out with what's happening to them.

Who Can See MyNews?
You decide. RatePubs provides you with a choice of three privacy levels available on an entry-by-entry basis. Decide whether to let all members see, keep it for your friends, or even keep it to yourself.
Because each entry can be set differently you can use the one interface to keep three separate diaries; one for the public, one for your friends, and one just for you.

How Do I Write My News?
When you are logged in you will see a "Write MyNews" link on the left bar, in the member centre, and when reading your own news. Clicking on any of these links will bring you to the page where you can write a new entry.

The operation is simple. Select a privacy level (the default is selected) and write the news.
You can also change the default setting here using the check box.

You can also add an entry from anywhere on the web. Our toolbar provides a simple and quick way to jot down a new entry at anytime (among many other great features!).

Can People Reply And Add Comments?
Yes. You can choose to let people reply or not on an item-by-item basis. When you are selecting the privacy level simply choose to allow comments or not. If you choose no the news item can only be read, but if you choose yes the people who can see it can also leave comments.


What If I Don't Like A Comment?
Privacy is important on and we ensure you have control over all elements of it. To protect against inappropriate comemnts we give you the ability to delete any you don't like. When you are logged in all comments and replies to your news items will have a above them. Clicking this will delete the comment.

What Should I Put In MyNews?
Whatever is happening that you want people to know about.

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