Now you can can identify the pubs and bars you frequent and let others know where they are likely to find you for a drink.
MyLocal lets you identify the places you regularly hang out and will allow you to identify the bars you are most likely to enjoy in any city you happen to visit.

How Does MyLocal Work?
When you are a logged-in member you will now see a simple link at the top of every pub description page as shown here.
Use this link to record the bar as your local. Once you have done so it will be listed on your profile page, and you may be listed as a regular on the premises own details page. In addition any reviews you leave of the premises will be marked with the fact that you are a regular.

You will notice that premises you have not indicated as your local will have a Red link but the link will turn green for those you have added.
You can just as simply remove a pub from your list by using the Remove link.

What Advantages Are There To Identifying A Pub As MyLocal?
We use your personal MyLocal settings to identify pubs you might like. These are then used to calculate your Personal Recommendations.
Currently the advantages are that you provide others with a bit more information about the pubs and bars you like.

By identifying your locals you not only gain recommendations but you also help others to decide on premises based on what you like.

The other advantage of course is that it can help you meet other regulars that you might not otherwise meet. It's a more intangible benefit but one that can help increase your circle of friends!

What Pubs Should I Mark As MyLocal?
Basically any pub or bar you are a regular anywhere in the world. We are using the term "Local" as a reference to where you regularly visit when in that part of the world. So you might live in San Francisco and have a couple of Locals there. But if you travel to Shanghai regularly then you might have a place in that city that you always visit. That can also be your Local.

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