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MyFriends - Build your network of people who like places you do!

Now you can build a network of friends on And unlike other networks this one helps you find new places to visit!
With the addition of MyFriend to its service now helps you keep in touch with your friends, make new ones, and get tips from them about places you might like.

You can also add private information about any of you friends..including a personal nickname, tags, and notes.

How Does MyFriend Work?
As you browse bars and reviews you often come across reviewers who attract your attention. Now it's possible to mark those people as your friend and to keep up with what's happening with them. You can do this with a simple click.
On the top of every member profile page you will see a link marked MyFriend. If this is red then the person is not among your friends. Click 'Add' to change this. If the person is among your friends you can click the 'Remove' link to remove them.

Requests to be added as someone friend must be confirmed by the person themselves. This may take time, depending on how often they check in. If they decide not to approve your request you will not know this.

What Advantages Are There To Marking Someone As MyFriend?
Friends add another level to your Personal Recommendations of bars and pubs since they are another person we can take into account when calculating those. But there are other benefits as well;

You may have noticed that there are a number of elements on every profile page. These include Latest News, My Tags, and the tagging bar itself. These are accessible only to members and are under the control of each member themselves. Many people decide not to allow anyone but their friends tag them, see their tags, or see their news. By becoming a friend you get access to these for your new friend.
Because you control the information you can also ensure that only people you choose as a friend can access your Latest News, tag you, and see your tags!
And you also get to meet your friends friends.
It currently possible to find friends by browsing the reviews and other profiles. In the near future we will be adding extra functions that allow you to search profiles directly.

How Do I Manage Friends?
As a logged in member you will be able to see your current friends, approve those requesting to be your friend, or cancel friendships from one central page. If you find someone you wish to be a friend you can add them as outlined above. Similarly you may receive requests from other in this way. On the left side menu you will see the "Manage Friends" link. This brings you to the Friend Management Centre.
Friendships can have 1 of 4 categories...

  • Approved Friends are those where both people have agreed to be friends. These are used to calculate recommendations for both parties, allow the people to tag each other, read each others news, see their tags etc.
    Friendships can be cancelled by either party at any time by going to the others profile. The person who cancels the friendship will see it moved into their "Previously Denied Or Cancelled" category, from where they can renew it at any time. The other person will simply have one friend less and will not be able to renew the friendship.
  • Waiting For Friends Approval: These are those requests you have made to be someones friend. Unless they approve the request it will remain in this category. You will not be able to tell if this is becasue they have not yet seen the request or if they have denied it.
  • Waiting For Your Approval: These are the mirror of the previous category. When someone makes a request to be your friend it will show up here. You can approve it (in which case it will move into the Friends category) or deny it. If you deny it, the name will drop down to the "Previously Denied Or Cancelled" category on your screen but will not change in the requesting persons screen.
  • Previously Denied Or Cancelled: These are Friendship requests you denied originally, or friendships you had but have chosen to cancel. You can renew them at any time.

    In addition to the direct friendship you can also review your friends friends (and crushes) on this screen. Note that we calculate friends friends at various times during the day so it may take a few hours before these are updated.

    Are Friendships real-time?
    Friendships immediately activate (or deactivate) all the privileges associated with them, with two exceptions. We calculate Personal Recommendations and friends friends as a batch at certain times of the day. It could therefore take up to 24 hours for these to be recalculated.

    How Do I Communicate With My Friends?
    All your friends can see your News, as you can see all your friends. Alternatively you can send private messages to your friends (either individually as a group) through the Message Centre or from our toolbar..
    You can only send messages to your approved friends and there are a range of security systems built into the messaging so that it cannot be used by someone you no longer want to hear from.

    What happens If I refuse or cancel a friendship?
    RatePubs has a range of security systems to prevent you being hassled by people you no longer want to hear from.
    If someone asks you for a friendship and you deny that request the other person will not be informed of this denial. They will simply see it as still waiting for approval and may assume that you haven't logged in or otherwise not got around to approving the request.
    If you cancel an exisiting friendship the other party will not be informed of this either. The only way they will know is if they notice a friend disappearing from their list or otherwise check your profile, latest news or other service that you have configured to be available to your friends only. Messages can only be sent directly between friends and so cancelling a friendship means that the other person can no longer contact you through RatePubs.
    You can automatically renew frienships that you cancelled. This is done without requesting permission from, or informing, the friend.

    Can I Use Private Information To Help Me Keep Track Of Friends?
    Yes. You can provide a private nickname, private tags, and even a private note to all your contacts. These include friends, friends friends, crushes, and even those friendships you cancelled. This information is not available to anyone else and allows you to easily manage your contacts. All the information can be managed from the same central screen.

    Can I See My Friends Friends?
    Yes. These can be seen on your Friend Management Screen and the friends you share in common are also shown when you browse to a friends friends profile.

    Can I Communicate With My Friends Friends?
    No. Your network of friends friends grows quickly and with many of them you only have that one friend in common. To regularly hear from hundreds of people you have never met seems to be an annoyance more than a help. You can see your friends friends and if you want to communicate with any of them you can always invite them to be your friend.

    Can I See Or Communicate With A Third Ring Of People?
    No. Unlike other networking sites we try to keep the relationships useful. Having thousands of people you are linked to only through your friends friends seems to us to be completely pointless (and it doesn't take many friends to have thousands of friends friends friends!). You will never contact them and if you do you have nothing in common. We will never use them to make bar recommendations and you are unlikely to ever contact them or have them contact you. So we decided to keep things to a realistic level.

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