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MyCrushes - Your Secret List!

Not only can you build up a network of friends across RatePubs but you can also find out if people you are interested in feel the same way...and without letting them know in advance!

On each profile there is a MyCrush link. Clicking on this adds the person to your secret list of crushes without telling them.
If they have already added you to their crushes list you will both be told....and can proceed further.
If they haven't yet indicated their interest in you they will stay on your hidden list until they do - at which point both of you will know of your mutual interest - or until you remove them.

MyCrushes is a great way to find out if someone has an interest in you, without receiving an embarassing rejection. Unless you both independently indicate an interest in each other you're list will stay secret.

You can add anyone to your crushes list...a friend, someone you've noticed in your local, or just someone who's profile has interested you.

How Are Crushes Different From Friends?
When you decide you'd like to add someone as your friend they automatically are informed and must approve the friendship. You are then automatically shown on each others profiles, get to see each others friends, and are used to make personal recommendations for each other.
Crushes work in secret. When you mark someone as your crush only you know this. They are not informed. Only if they later decide they have a crush on you are you both informed. If the crush is one-way the other person never knows.

Who Should I Mark As A Crush?
Anyone you have an interest in. You can mark anyone as a crush without fear of embarassment since they will never know if they don't feel the same way. So you can mark friends, or people you've noticed out, or people whose profiles made an impact.

Can I See All My Crushes In One Place?
Yes. Your crushes are listed in your Relationship Management page along with your friends and friends friends. You can manage them from this page or by going to the profile.

Can I Use Private Information To Help Me Keep Track Of Crushes?
Yes. You can provide a private nickname, private tags, and even a private note to all your contacts. These include crushes, friends, friends friends,and even those friendships you cancelled. This information is not available to anyone else and allows you to easily manage your contacts. All the information can be managed from the same central screen.

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