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RatePubs offer a unique range of services to both members and non-members. Anybody can browse the site and read reviews and even take content for their own sites. Members also get a range of extra features which they can use to communicate with other members. ANd they also get unique recommendations specifically generated for them based on their and their friends preferences.

Here we give a brief overview of our many services starting with the general ones and then showing you all the extras members get.
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Find Bars
You can use RatePubs to find good bars in a number of different ways. At the top of every page there is simple browse bar. Just select the country and town you are interested in for a list of bars in that location.
For those with more specific requirements use the Advanced Search button to specify location, name, keywords and ratings. You can even limit the search to those bars recommended just for you. As a member you have 1-click access to all your personal recommendations from the Member Centre
If you prefer to browse locations you can use our Map to search the world. We have thousands of bars mapped and add more on an almost daily basis. Or you can go direct to a specific bars location from their page by clicking on the map icon.
See Advanced Search, Maps

RatePubs is a perfect way to find the best bar wherever you are. We put social networking to use. No more making friends just to have the largest list. Now you can be more selective and even get their automatic recommendations of which bars to visit.
Your privacy it always safe and you can provide as much or as little information as you wish. It all goes to create a personalised list of bars that you should visit. Find out what bars we recommend just for you and why.
Becoming a member at RatePubs is both simple and free...and it gives you some great benefits!

Meet New People
Ever seen someone in your local bar and not had the nerve to approach them? With RatePubs you have the perfect icebreaker.
With our growing range of community functions (below) you can use RatePubs to find regulars in your local haunts...and learn more about them before you approach. Make friends and communicate with them either personally or through our MyNews facility. And automatically get their recommendations of bars you should visit.
Of course bars are all about conversation. That's why we have given every bar its own Conversation Corner. Find a bar and click on the conversation icon to be brough to its own unique conversation corner. You can use this to chat about anything whether related to the bar or not. The choice is yours.
See MyFriends, MyNews, Direct Communication., Pub Conversations., Personal Recommendations

Tell people more about you on your profile. Include as much or as little information as you wish, including a picture. Your profile also automatically includes information you generate throughout the site such as your favourite bars.
See MyProfiles

My Local allows you to identify pubs and bars you regularly visit when in town. This is shown on your profile and on the bars own page. This allows you to meet people who go to the same bars and to get automatic recommendations of other bars from them. And of course your recommendations are automatically provided to them.
See MyFriends, MyLocals, Communication., Personal Recommendations

Want an easy way to keep your friends up-to-date with what's happening in your life? Want everyone to know? Or maybe you want to keep a private diary? You can do all three with MyNews. Easily write simple entries that outline your thoughts and experiences. And decide on an individual entry basis who can see that entry. Easily keep private and public diaries using the same system.
See MyNews, MyFriends, Communication.

Create Tours
You can easily create tours of bars under any theme. Create a tour of the best bars that play Nirvana, or bars that feature in books or on TV. Keep them fixed or open them up to comments and additions from friends or the general public. Find other tours on your travels and add your ideas in a two-way conversation.
See Tours, MyFriends, Communication.

Wondered if that friend you have a crush on feels the same way? Seen someone across the bar you'd like to know better? Use MyCrushes to improve your lovelife or just for fun.
Just click on a persons profile to add them to your crushes list. They aren't told you've done this...but if they do the same then both of you are informed. Fun or Serious the choice is up to you.
See MyCrushes, MyFriends, Communication.

Personal Recommendations
Put all of this together to get personalised recommendations of bars you should visit. Created individually just for you from your reviews, friends recommendations, and the bars you frequent. You get a personal list of other bars across the world that you are most likely enjoy. See what bars you are linked to and discover the reasons why!
See Personal Recommendations, MyLocal, MyFriends, Communication.

Take Aways For Your Web Page
Use one line of code to add your own list of reviews into your page. Or show just the bars you love.
Updated live with your new reviews this is the easy way to add interesting content to your own web page. Let people know a bit more about you. Or just start a discussion about your choices!
Or create your own interactive pages with our more advanced content options such as iFrame, XML and more.
See Take Away Reviews, Take Away Bars I Love, Free Content

New Community Features
We are adding to the community aspect of RatePubs and in the short term there will be lots of new features and functions for our members to enjoy.

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