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Message Centre.

Communicate with your friends directly on RatePubs.

You can use the tools RatePubs provide ton easly keep in touch with peole either as a group or as individuals. You can even do so without giving your email address to anyone.

Who Can I Communicate With
You can communicate with all members by using MyNews. This allows you to create mini-blogs of the latest happenings in your life. You can allow all members to view this or limit it to just your friends.
Alternatively you can communicate with some or all of your friends using the Message Centre. This allow you to send messages that will be available when the member logs in.

How Do I Write Messages?
Choose "Send Messages" from the menu on the left (available when you are logged in) to bring you to the write message screen. Here you can enter a subject for the message and the message itself.
Under the message are you will see a list of all your friends. Simply unselect those you don't want to send messages to and click send.

Can I Send Messages to My Friends Friends?
No. At present we cannot see any purpose to receiving hundreds of communications from people you only know through a friend. And since we want to keep RatePubs useful we have decided to limit communication to only those people you really want to hear from. If you wish to communicate with your friends friends you can do so using MyNews.

How Do I Read Messages?
From the left side menu select "Read Messages". You will then see all unread messages.You can switch between read and unread messages.
You can see the message subject, who they are from and when they were sent. Simply click the subject of any to read the complete message.

How Do I Know When I Have A Message?
As you browse the site we will monitor your account for messages. When you have an unread message you will see an envelope next to the Read Messages link on the left side of the page as shown here. Screenshot

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