The RatePubs Affiliate Program

The RatePubs Affiliate program is a unique program from a unique web site. Selected partners earn recurring fees for referring members to RatePubs while adding value to their own web sites by including interactive pub and bar reviews.
This page will seek to outline the program, the benefits to the affiliate, and why a pub will sign up.

The Program
RatePubs recognise the value of operating in partnership with a range of web sites. For this reason we make our content easily available to other sites. By doing so we increase the number of people who see the pubs that pay us for full membership. In return we add unique interactive content to the user site.
However, for sites of particular quality and popularity we go further with our affiliate program.

An affiliate earns commission on every pub or bar that they send to the site that subsequently takes out full membership. The commission currently stands at 33% of the (VAT exclusive) membership fee.
In addition to the sign-up commission, affiliates will earn the same commission on all future renewals by the same premises. If the price to the pub increases you will also see an increase in commission.

Why you'll make money;
You make money every time a pub takes or renews a Premium or Extra listing. But why will they do so?
  • Because we offer them the widest possible audience. Consider what exposure on your site alone is worth. And then multiply that. Even better is the fact that as more people take our content, the value of that listing grows. alone is among the busiest web sites in the world and we include some of the busiest sites in the world in our network.

    But in addition to the simple advertising benefits, we offer extra benefits to the pub...
  • They can enter up to 600 word each for their menu, description, and upcoming events

  • They can have up to six pictures

  • We provide code that allow them to show any of the modules directly on their own page.

  • They can show contact details on the site.

  • Premium listings also comes with a managed mailing list which allows the premises to easily maintain communication with their customers.

  • Taking the events as an example they edit the events on a monthly basis to show bands they have playing in the coming month. This is then automatically update on their own web page! In practice they could edit their own web page, and all sites in our network from the one interface.

  • And all this is available for a low cost.

  • You can get a preview of a Premium listing on these sites RatePubs, A Guest Of Europe.

    How much money will you make?
    It's a bit of a cliche to say this depends on you, but it is true. We currently charge up to 480 Euro per year for a Premium listing and up to 66 Euro for an Extra listing. You get 33% of that for every premises that you refer.
    Now you could add the function in your web site somewhere and get some benefit. Or you could put it to the forefront and make it more visible. Or you could go out and sell it to pubs in your area. The choice is yours and will determine how much you make.

    Because we are offering you a lifetime commission we cannot guarantee you a specific price, only a specific 33% percentage....
    For instance we differentiate price depending on country so you may receive a higher payment for a bar in Germany that one in Vietnam.
    Or we may run limited-time promotions in which case you will receive 33% of the current promotion price and 33% of future non-promotion prices.

    We may also consider offering discounts for large chains of bars. Again you will receive 33% of the actual VAT-exclusive price we receive.
    An of course as time goes on we may adjust prices up or down in any given country.
    The point of all the above is that we are creating an ongoing relationship with you and you will share in whatever revenue we receive ...but we cannot guarantee you what the specific revenue will be. Only that you will receive 33% of any referrals you bring.
    You can see the current price list here.

    When do you make money?
    You get commission whenever a pub signs up for a paid (Extra or Premium) listing.
    You do not get any comission for referring a bar that only takes the free basic listing. However this is the first stage in persuading a pub of the value of premier membership. Since it is free most pubs sign up to this stage immediately but, if they don't, your ID is stored in a cookie on their pc for 180 days. If they return to within that time and take advantage of the opportunity of free membership your affiliate id is recovered and is stored in the database (Unless they came via another affiliate link. We believe the last affiliate to send them should get the credit since this is probably the site that encouraged them to sign up).

    At this point neither you or we have made any money. That only happens once the bar upgrades to a paid listing. No matter how long it takes the pub to take a paid listing you will always get the benefit since your affiliate id was recorded on the first stage. The exception to this rule is if another affiliate actually makes a direct sale which results in us directly billing the bar. If an affiliate goes out and calls on the bar and does the hard work of selling them on the idea of a paid listing then it is only fair that they receive the payment. We will not provide any affiliate with a contact name or any information that indicates a bar may be amenable to a paid listing. They will only get the referral by doing the hard work of cold-calling on a bar, and they will have to contact us directly (before the sale is closed) to claim the referral.
    RatePubs may use the information obtained from your original referral to make a direct sale ourselves. In this case you will receive the 33% referral commission.

    We have developed this system to try and be as fair as we can about who receives commission on a paid listing. Our general philosophy is that the last affiliate to persuade the bar to take a listing is the one that should get the credit. In this our benchmark is the affiliate that persuades the bar to take a free listing. The only exception as outlined is an affiliate that goes out and makes a direct sales pitch, and in such cases we do not provide them with leads.

    We pay commission every two months by cheque, Paypal or directly to your bank account if you have an oustanding balance of €300 or more in your account.

    How do we make sure you get the credit for referrals?
    All affiliates incorporate trackable code or links into their site, blog, adwords ads, or even email signatures. Our system tracks every referral through such trackable links.

    What links can you use?
    You can choose from a variety of link types from our freely available content.
    The XML, Javascript and iFrame interactive content can all be easily modified with your affiliate ID. This gives you a full interactive and sticky element to add to your site.
    The "bits" are also modifiable. These include pub specific links and graphical RSS feeds.
    You can also link directly to most pages in the site.

    How do I modify the links?
    Once you decide on the type of content you want to implement follow the generic implementation guidelines. Then login to your Affiliate centre and follow the simple customisation instructions you will find there. In the vast majority of cases this involves the simple addition of one element to the standard implementation.

    Getting the most from the program
    As mentioned above you could simply create the three javascript pages and sit back. Whenever someone sees the pub details we will prompt them to sign up to free membership. And will prompt them at regular intervals afterwards.
    To get the maximum out of the program however we recommend that you go further. After all you only have to do so for a few months and then get the recurring commissions in future years!
    1. Start by adding bars and reviews in your area
    2. Promote the function and content strongly on your site.
    3. Contact pubs and bars in your area personally. This can either be by direct mail, or by calling to them in person. The affiliate centre shows you what pubs have signed up for Free, Extra and Premium listings and can help you target your efforts.
    There are many more ways of course, and we will be working to persuade the premises as well. But your local knowledge and access is a benefit that we don't have, and is one of the reasons we are running the affiliate program in the first place. You know what works best and can make a lot of money from that knowledge.

    Why we're offering this affiliate program
    We are determine to make the RatePubs network the premier place people go to find good bars, pubs and related entertainment. But we've experience in setting up web sites and know they take a long time to gain traction. Rather than wait we decided that we can get a head start by making our content freely and easily available.
    From there it was short step to see the advantages of having a real partnership with other sites. You bring targeted, quality visitors and local knowledge. In short we're renting some of the work you've put into making your site what it is. In return we're willing to give you not only content but a large percentage of our income because you make our ability to get that income a lot easier.
    To promote and provide a large audience to our premier members we'd easily be spending the money on advertising. So why not give it to you instead?

    Current Members
    Some of our members are using the affiliate program as an addition to their existing sites while others have decided to use it as the basis for a new business. You can see some of the members and how they have customised the content here.

    Terms and Conditions
    Our terms and conditions for use are very simple and straightforward. You can see them here

    Become an affiliate now by clicking here