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Prospekto Lithuania1.0/5
Balti Drambliai Lithuania0.0/5
The Dubliner Lithuania
Daisy Pub Ireland0.0/5
Bentley's Bar Ireland4.0/5
Kieran Bollard Ireland4.0/5
Seaview Tavern Australia0.0/5
Amnesia United Arab Emirates0.0/5

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Le Chatelain, Belgium
Brussels is a paradise for anyone who likes good beer in small neighbourhood bars. While it does also have the larger bars the majority are still small and cosy. Chatelaine is a small neighbourhood about 10 minutes to the east of the centre and its surrounding streets are filled with bars of all types. In the square itself is a bar bearing the same name “Le Chatelain”. I have walked past this many times and always though it looked inviting but it took a long time before I got the chance to visit it. It's a popular bar and on busy evenings in the summer     more...

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